As company, we plan and act for the long-term good of our company, customers and environment.

In as much as we always strive to embody sustainable development principles in our operations, we have also endeavoured to embed this critical component of our work in our Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) approach and policy. Our approach to sustainability is ingrained in the company’s efforts towards these areas within the work that we do.


The safety of our employees and those who we work with (including communities where we implement projects) is non-negotiable.

Our toolbox talks are about one of the methods in which we practically inculcate a culture of safety and performance in our employees. Our pro-active and experienced teams continuously ensure that our employees fully understand that safety is everyone responsibility.


As part our commitment to productive life of every one of us within the company, we have mainstreamed employee wellness into our day-to-day operations and company approach to health matters.

As a result, all new employees go through a process of screening and evaluation for fitness before resuming their duties. With regard to existing staff, in oftentimes regular screening is undertaken so as to ensure that potential occupational diseases are early detected.



At Zamadunga we contribute to our environments and always strive to develop structures with potentialities to stand the test of time. Of significance, we recognise the importance of utilising modern and most sustainable materials within the construction process. As a result, our materials are sourced responsibly.


Quality assurance and quality control form the profound fundamentals our Zamadunga’s operations, projects, projects management and contracts. These fundamentals run through all our trading, contracting and project managing activities.